Office Presentation

Zoom Lens

Zoom lens replaces the existing prime lens on a projector and allows the projector to be used in a variety of new applications. Extend the range of the projector and produce brilliant images.

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Special Fixed Focal Length Lens

Special fixed lenses are optimized to a specific focal length or purpose. Optical performance is much better, because they have fewer moving parts.

  • Extend the Range of Projector
  • Optimal Performance
  • Easy to Use
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Rolling Projection Cart

Allows for easy storage and transportation. Rolling Projection Cart comes with drape to hide miscellaneous equipment on the carts lower shelves.

  • Simple Transportation
  • Layered Shelving
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Overhead Projector Acetate Rolls & Sheets Purchase

Overhead projector acetate rolls are used for crisp and clear presentation images. Use with permanent or non-permanent markers and can be wiped clean to use again.

  • Writeable
  • Crisp & Clear Presentation
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Da-Lite Adjustable Projector Stand

The Da-Lite Adjustable Projector Stand has telescoping aluminum legs for easy transportation. The non-skid platform supports up to 125 lbs. with legs completely extended.

  • Adjustable Height
  • 125 LBS. Weight Limit
  • Non-Skid Platform
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35mm Wireless Projector Remote Control

Used with the 35mm projector and gives mobility to control the projector around a large space.

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3-Tier Projector Stacker

Stackable projector stand can give you up to 3 tiers for layers of storage and equipment.

  • Adjustable Tiers
  • Extra Storage Space
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16mm Movie Projector

Uses 16 millimeter film to project movies with a stop-and-go movie effect.

  • Nostalgic Movie Experience
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Flipchart Stand & Accessories

Flipchart stand helps when presenting information. The heavy duty flipchart has a tray for markers and holds up to 50 lbs. Flipchart pad sold separately.

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Digital Speaker Timer

Digital Speaker Timers are great for Speaking Presentations and the LED display has green, yellow and red lights visible from 90" feet away.

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Visual Time Indicators
  • Optional Buzzer
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