Beyond rentals, we're here to help you get everything setup just as you envisioned, on-site support and assistance in the breakdown after your rental period.


Sometimes setting up equipment you're unfamiliar with can be intimidating, but that's why we offer this service. We want to make sure everything is properly setup so you can get the best usage out of our rentals.

On-Site Technician

Our qualified professionals are experienced with our equipment and can help on-site with any of your equipment needs. Whether you've got questions we can assist with or need help running and coordinating the details of an event operation, we're happy to help.


Once you're done using the equipment it's not as exciting as thinking about the setup. The last thing after a big event is cleanup and it's the least fun of all the things that need to get done. That's why we offer this service so you don't have to worry about it.

Top Rentals

These are the most popular rented items, because the prices are reasonable and our equipment is nothing less than superb.

Flash-Fold Portable Projection Screen

Our mobile screens(up to 16’ wide) are ideal for any application requiring fast easy setup. Customers are attracted to its Flash-Fold® no-tools assembly featuring...

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Wireless Microphones

We carry the full line of Shure wireless microphones including, handheld, lavaliere (clip-on) and headset. We also feature the world-famous Countryman earset...

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High Brightness, High Definition Digital (Computer) Projector

We can help determine what projector is best for your special needs. Questions about what resolution (HD is 1920 x 1080)...

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