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Our mission is to guarantee your satisfaction with our audio-visual rental equipment as well as our other products and services. Nothing more, nothing less. As the person whose name is on the door, please accept my personal commitment to achieving this goal.” – May 1983       Founder–Fred Gault

Gault & Associates, Inc. offers a vast array of audio-visual equipment and technical services to meet all of your rental needs. We also represent world-class manufacturers and their A/V related products for sale and/or installation. Whether it’s an event for 5 or 50 at your facility or a large conference for 1000s at a convention center or conference center, our 32 years of service with groups of every size guarantees your satisfaction. We are Accredited, Rated A+ and Complaint-Free by our Better Business Bureau.

We believe that our equipment is the finest available to rent. Our LCD computer/video projectors are the brightest available in the marketplace. Gault & Associates, Inc. has every conceivable type of technology available for rental or purchase.

We carry screens of all kinds (tripod, fastfold-style, front/rear surfaces, true aspect ratio, dress kits) and sizes (4′ to 20′ wide), high-definition video cameras, wireless & wired microphones, mixers, seamless switchers for computers, computers, digital video overhead, spotlights, DVD recorders/players, green laser pointers, walkie-talkies, self-powered speakers, flipcharts, easels, digital video cameras, 16′ high pipe and drape, and much, much more. We now have available theatrical and concert lighting including the latest LED fixtures, computer-controlled moving lights, and fiber optic curtain.

Our 24/7 policy; twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week delivery, pickup and setup is the type of service our clients appreciate. Our team of experienced (over 100 years) technicians satisfies our customers every day.

From a handheld wireless presenter (clicker) device to advance your PowerPoint to something as large as a huge automated truss-supported theatrical lighting grid supplemented by the latest LED lighting system, we have it all. We use live high-definition digital video magnification to display your program’s presenters on giant screens while blending in PowerPoint images with the latest seamless switching equipment. Let us send you a quote today.

We are always eager to visit customers who have unusual needs for installing projectors, sound systems, screens, etc. A turnkey price makes the project easier to approve since everything is included. Whether it’s rental equipment you need, or the purchase of an entire system for your church, school, office, or boardroom; give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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